The Darkest Gateway: The Final Tale in the Booke of the Hidden series

The god Baphomet loses his goaty mind and things look grim for the little Maine village of Moody Bog. Kylie Strange, proprietor of Strange Herbs & Teas, convinces the bikers and their demon Shabiri to rally together with her and her Wiccans for all-out war against the evil forces threatening total annihilation.

Destroying the ancient Booke of the Hidden once and for all seems to be the only solution to all their problems, and the only way to accomplish that is for Kylie to make a perilous journey into the Netherworld. Once there, she must beg the help of the only being powerful enough to destroy the Booke: Satan… And he’ll exact the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, back in Moody Bog, the coven and the town join forces to deal with the deadly creatures emerging from the Booke, with the number of baddies increasing the closer they come to Halloween. If Kylie can’t return from the Netherworld by Samhain, all will be lost for Moody Bog…unless a surprising champion can come to the rescue.


Coming October 2, 2019!


Look for spin-offs….soon!