Shadows in the Mist: Booke 3

Unknown creatures shamble in the mist surrounding the small Maine town of Moody Bog, and soon word of ghastly deaths reach Kylie Strange and her friends. The undead and recently dead seem to be stalking the unwary townsfolk. But when Kylie discovers that the undead haven’t come out of the supernatural Booke of the Hidden, she’s got more trouble on her hands than she thought. A murder, the threat of the angry god Baphomet bent on grabbing the Booke for himself, the other scheming demon Shabiri, and an assassin demon summoned to kill her would be enough for anyone, but there are still other creatures to come out of the Booke, creatures that are causing untold anxiety for Kylie who must hunt them down before they can strike the citizens of Moody Bog. It’s a good thing Sheriff Ed is on her side now along with her loyal coven of Wiccans, and WereJeff. And, of course, the demon of the Booke, Erasmus Dark, lends his expertise, but he and Kylie are sometimes too busy casting smoldering looks at each other rather than getting down to other business. Can Kylie discover who has done a ritual murder in order to send an assassin to kill her, and at the same time fight a god on the loose, before all hell breaks loose?


Releasing May 2019


A little music to get you in the mood.