Shadows in the Mist: Booke 3

Tea proprietor Kylie Strange must capture deadly monsters she has unwittingly unleashed, while juggling the not-so-unwelcome advances from both an alluring and dangerous demon and the very human and handsome sheriff. But what are the lethal creatures seen in the mist around the little town of Moody Bog that haven’t come from the supernatural Booke of the Hidden? A ritual murder to solve, werewolves, and an assassin demon summoned to kill her…and now zombie freakin’ Vikings! Just another day in the life of Kylie Strange.

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“I blew through the story in a single day because I just could not put the book down. It was easy to get lost in the world and connect to Kylie and her struggles. Only a few weeks have passed in the series, but it feels like I have known all the random Scooby gang forever. I highly recommend picking up the series for anyone who likes urban fantasy, horror and paranormal romance.” SMADA’S BOOK SMACK

“SHADOWS IN THE MIST is a fun romp through a world filled with magic, curses, and mayhem.” —ALL THINGS URBAN FANTASY

“The plot of this third book continues to throw action, excitement, and a few surprises at the reader. This is a really, really good story, and continues both plot development and character development in a really interesting, engaging way.”GOODREADS

“The stakes just keep going up a notch, the dangers keep coming and just when you think you’ve figured something out we get another twist! I love it!”–FLORA’S MUSINGS



Audiobook will be available July 30, 2019

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