Deadly Rising: Booke Two

Something deadly is lurking in the swampy marshes of Moody Bog. For Kylie Strange, it just means more deaths she’s responsible for since she’s the one who accidentally unleashed a Pandora’s box of horrors on the small town in the first place. She opened the Booke of the Hidden and now she must do everything she can to close it for good, taking on every monster it releases with the help of the local coven.

This time the Booke has unleashed not one, but two demons on the village. With her attention divided, Kylie and her coven of Wiccans are open to attack.

But those aren’t the only demons on Kylie’s mind. There’s also Erasmus Dark, the Booke’s alluring and dangerous demon guardian she can’t seem to stay away from. Even though she really should… since she’s also got her eye on the handsome and human Sheriff Ed Bradbury.

When digging for answers in the town’s past leads to the ghost of Kylie’s grandfather, everything she thought she knew and remembered gets turned upside down. Can Kylie save the town and her grandfather, or will the horrors of the Booke be too much to handle?

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“Westerson advances the mysteries and marvels!” —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“There are few very interesting developments and revelations in this book that raised the stakes for Kylie and her team, and made me more impatient for the next installment.” — GOODREADS REVIEW

“If you love magic, a bit of mayhem and finding of ones family roots; i would suggest giving this series a go.” —GOODREADS REVIEW

“Never a dull moment in this magical town, the element of badass men/women added to the overall punch of the story. I do LOVE a really great bad guy. You get that in this one. ”  —SHEEP BOOK REVIEW

“One of the best fantasy/ paranormal books I have read this year.” –-AMAZON REVIEW

“I liked the complex characters and the small-town setting of Deadly Rising.” —VAMPIRE BOOK CLUB

“DEADLY RISING is a fun urban fantasy story with a slowly increasing mystery that has me interested in seeing just where it’s going to go next.” —ALL THINGS URBAN FANTASY

“If you love fantasy with a touch of romance and mystery, great characters, and a great plot, don’t miss Deadly Rising.”Kings River Life Magazine.

“The first book gave this series a great start this book blew it out of the water!”MammaGotTimeToRead