Deadly Rising: Booke Two (Warning, Possible Spoilers Ahead)

Something is luring young women to their doom in the swampy marshes outside Moody Bog. Looks like Kylie must figure out a way to stop this new fiend without following its siren song herself, except she’s preoccupied with thoughts of the demon—Erasmus Dark. She needs his expertise with the supernatural. That’s what she keeps telling herself, anyway. Not that she’s attracted to him or anything. Besides, there’s always Sheriff Ed who keeps nudging her for another date. She decides that maybe it’s time to move on and give Ed a try…and then someone from her past from California, shows up. Just what she needs. In the meantime, Doug and his biker gang are out of jail and they are up to their old tricks at Hansen Mills. But that’s not all her worries. She still must find out about that pentagram etched on the closet floor at the church. What does town socialite Ruth Russel have to do with it or with the church’s gruff caretaker? Kylie’s meddling only stirs up more questions about the hidden secrets just below the surface of Moody Bog.

Coming October 2018